Pick out the best photo editor 2018 for Windows

Photo editors let you view, rename, crop, resize and convert your images, create photo albums, etc. We tried to make an overview of programs that have proven themselves as the best software for viewing and editing images and choose the most suitable and multifunctional one.

Take screenshots on Windows PC in 2018

Screen capturing programs are used to take images from parts of your screen, videos or a custom website. They're useful when you want to report a bug, share an idea or just for fun. Some of them provide the OCR integration to extract the text from a given image as well. We've checked a list of some screen capture programs, reviewed and compared them and chosen the best screenshot maker.

Top 5 presentation software of 2018

Presentation tools are designed to give users the ability to present information in the form of slideshows. With these software solutions, you can easily create stunning slideshow presentations with animated GIFs, videos, Q&A sessions, or effective graphics. We've reviewed and compared some of the most popular and reliable presentation tools to pick up the best one for our users.

Photo converters 2018 for Windows

Сonvert photos and images for storage, printing, using on the Web or further manipulation. Image converters help us in solving the task. We have compared most popular ones to choose the best converter.

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FXhome Limited

4.8 con 17 votos


4.3 con 23 votos

E-Book Systems, Inc.

4 con 34 votos

Bluefive software

4.5 con 28 votos

Stat-Ease, Inc.

4 con 33 votos

IncrediMail Ltd.

3.5 con 51 votos


4.7 con 15 votos

True Human Design

5 con 12 votos

Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

4.4 con 18 votos

Drive Software Company

3.5 con 44 votos

Anurag Academy

3.7 con 90 votos

Fco Orlando Magalhaes Filho

4.3 con 35 votos


4.2 con 21 votos


4 con 27 votos

Alexis ISAAC

4.3 con 20 votos

Bentley Systems, Inc.

4.2 con 20 votos

Caricature Software

3.7 con 43 votos


4.6 con 19 votos

Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.

3.7 con 44 votos

Yu Higuchi

4 con 26 votos


4.5 con 16 votos

AMS Software

3.7 con 41 votos

Agilent Technologies

4.7 con 14 votos

Zebra Technologies

3.3 con 50 votos

Mattel, Inc.

3.8 con 32 votos


4.4 con 22 votos

Red Giant Software

4.9 con 14 votos

Studio V5 Corp.

4 con 30 votos

Toon Boom Animation Inc.

4.1 con 27 votos

Kigosoft Inc.

4.2 con 20 votos